One State Solution and Two State Solution to Israeli Palestinian Conflict Paper

A research paper (approx. 2000 words, double-spaced, Times New Roman font size 12) is due on May 03. Papers should be submitted through blackboard. The researchquestion must address one of the major themes of the course. Please pay attention to the following points:

USE THE TWO DOCUMENTS ATTACHED AND THE PROMPT GIVEN. Please incorporate the sources I used in my draft and stay on my argument. Use the Professor’s syllabus readings when possible.

•This assignment requires a critical evaluation of the themes discussed in the course and students are expected to incorporate some of the course material in their papers.

•You may choose to examine case studies or focus on theoretical concepts related to the course. In either case, the paper must provide a critical analysis of the subject of investigation.

•Make sure to state a clear main argument (thesis statement) in the introductory paragraph of your paper. In the body of the paper, you must support your thesis, cite and briefly discuss contrary views, and develop your own arguments and positions. End the paper with a summary of the main arguments.

•You may use the Chicago Manual of Style, MLA Style. Please make sure you consistently use one system of citation for your references.

•Include a bibliography listing all sources used in the essay. Do not pad the bibliography with items you did not actually use.