Omantel and Ooredoo Supply Chain Management Paper

This is an assignment should focus on comparing the Purchasing practices employed by two different companies (One local and One international) and I’ve chosen Local company is Omantel and the International company is Ooredoo.In particular the following issues should be addressed:

•Describe and critically analysis the supply management practices employed by both of these companies.

•Are they involved in strategic alliances with major trading partners? If yes why?

•What strategies do they apply to procurement and outsourcing?

•What challenges do they face internationally? How does each attempt to overcome these challenges?

•Compare how these organizations use information technology for the management and coordination of supply management activities.Assess the level of success each has had with using these technologies.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

***Note That I’ve chosen Local company (Omantel) and the International company (Ooredoo) both are located in Sultanate of Oman.