Old Testament Discussion Questions

  1. Who wrote the Pastoral Epistles? To whom were they written?
  2. To which Old Testament book does Paul tie the gender roles in the church’s worship service?
  3. What is the one interpretation of 1st Timothy 2:15 that does NOT fit with the rest of Paul’s writings?
  4. Why did Paul leave Titus on Crete?
  5. How did/does God save people, according to Titus 3:5?
  6. What did Paul want Titus to emphasize (or “insist on”), according to Titus 3?
  7. The Epistle to the Hebrews claims to have been written by whom? Whose name is on it?
  8. Who is greater than the angels according to Hebrews 1?
  9. Can others besides Jesus Christ be Melchizedek priests? Why or why not?
  10. What is the theme of Hebrews?
  11. Like us, the Old Testament heroes had “skeletons in their closet,” shameful moral lapses in behavior. Then for what were Old Testament heroes commended, according to Hebrews 11?