Oil Refinery Handhelds and Software Paper

  • This paper may be the longest your team has developed in this course. However, as my narrated PowerPoint indicates, do not confuse a business case paper with a business plan. You will be writing a paper that defines the feasibility of your concepts and covering the TELOS concepts, risk and 4C’s of customer feasibility. You will also provide a general description of the company or organization that you will develop that supports the solution and provide a rough estimate of costs and timing. You will not be developing a full cost assessment or budget. Rather, you will be estimated the scope of financial investment needed to develop this concept further. What good are rough estimates if you don’t develop a complete budget? If your rough estimate of costs to develop are in the millions and you have a budget in the thousands you may need to rethink your concepts! You may also describe who would be involved or lead this project or company. Will your team or a member of your team take this forward? Lastly, you will provide a first draft at a pitch in preparation for your final presentation in week 8. This week you will include a 150-word statement that summarizes the problem, your customer needs, the solution, the core customers, estimate of revenue/volume, costs or profit. That is a lot to cram into 150 words so allow time to refine these statements. Each team will compile the three sections of the assignment (Feasibility, Plan, Pitch) in a 5-7 page paper and submit it to the assignment folder. Note the limit of a 5-7 page paper means that you will need to compile the information necessary to address the assignment requirements and then edit out extraneous stuff so that the paper is NOT longer than 7 pages, exclusive of the citations.