Obtain Stock Price Data and Annual Depreciation Project Assignment

Task 4

Since the future is uncertain, you too must take calculated risks. The reward for taking those risks is the anticipated return. Some investors deal with risk on an intuitive basis, but measures of risk are available. Even if you never compute these statistical measures, you need to know them, since you will encounter them when analyzing financial assets. This week highlights the concept of risk and how to measure it. You will also examine the concept of ratio analysis.

Read Chapter 8 – Risk and Its Measurement

Read Chapter 9 – Analysis of Financial Statements

Watch Lynda.com video – Financial Management Part 2: Understanding Financial Statements (approx. 63 min.)

Review Video

(4:26 min.)

ROI is a term very commonly used to gauge the effectiveness or Impact of any intervention in the world of business. This video attempts to provide a basic overview of the term and clarify it with some examples.

Watch Lynda.com video – Financial Management Part 4. Risk and Return (approx. 30 min.)

Complete problems in text book -pages 169-172.

1. Construct Income and balance statements

3. Fill in the blank (___________) with correct entries.

5. Annual Depreciation

8. Compute the current and quick ratio

16 parts a. and b.

Team Project : Obtain Stock Price Data

Using information from this link and other internet sources, obtain the stock price data for each company you have selected and then calculate each firm’s beta for the weighted average cost of capital. I HAVE CHOSEN COCA COLA, PEPSI, AND TOYOTA. ALSO DONT WORRY ABOUT THE PROBLEM IN THE TEXT BOOK.