North Texas Peer Influence on Teenagers in Emotional Distress Research PPT

Present research as a PowerPoint presentation or a recorded audio/video clip.

Suggested format

I suggest a PowerPoint that includes the following. You should have 10-15 slides.

Title of Project

Begin your presentation with the title of your project. State the name of the University and your faculty research mentor’s department, your name, and the name of your faculty mentor.


State why you chose your particular project; tell why it is of interest or worthy of the attempt. State the explicit hypothesis (or hypotheses) that was (were) tested.

Materials and Methods

Give sufficient details of methods (including information on materials used) to allow someone to duplicate your work, especially with respect to those factors that may have had major effects on results.


Present a summary of your data. This is where you cite your figures and tables. Graphs will usually be most appropriate for showing your findings, but data summaries (do not reproduce all your data) may be tabular. Include any non-quantitative observations in the text. Describe the analysis of the data including any statistical tests performed.


State your conclusions. Was your null hypothesis rejected? Have additional questions been raised? Have you satisfied the objectives of your project? If you were to try to do the project again, would you do it differently?