Nomination Criteria for Field Instructor of the Year Summary

The nomination criteria for Field Instructor of the Year is:

·Holds a BSW or an MSW Degree (she has her LCSW-Licensed Clinical Social Worker)

·Excellent role model for the profession

·Upholds the Social Work Code of Ethics

·Helped you envision what a professional social worker is

·Displays genuine assistance in identifying appropriate learning tasks

·Engages you in meaningful opportunity to utilize knowledge and skills that you learned in the classroom

·Assists you in being accountable for your professional growth

·Provides consistent and appropriate supervision

·Affirms student’s competency by encouraging you to stretch outside your comfort zone and take appropriate risks

This is a summary of who my field instructor is and where she works and that she does everyday in her social work profession. This is basically a nomination letter 1-2 pages on how she meets the criteria above and why she is so deserving of this award. The criteria does need to be addressed in the nomination letter. The information is to be used in the nomination letter as well.

My field instructor is name Patricia Cunningham. She has her LCSW and has been working in the social work field for over 30 years. She is currently employed at the VA Clinic-Jackson where she is the HUD/VASH-(Housing and Urban Development -Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing) social worker. With this job she is responsible for 25 veterans and providing them case management. HUD-VASH is a collaborative program between HUD and VA combines HUD housing vouchers with VA supportive services to help Veterans who are homeless and their families find and sustain permanent housing. My very first time I met her during my initial interview as a possible intern, she spoke to me about a ethical issue that she herself committed. At first I was blown away that this woman would share with me something she did that was wrong in the agency’s eyes but right in hers as a human being helping another human being. She not only told me the ethical issue but the repercussion of her “good deed” action. At that point I knew that interning at the VA is where I needed to be. I needed that social worker who would not only lead me the right way but also will tell me the REAL life events that could happen as a social worker. My father passed away December 15, 2018 and she was so supportive and understanding as not only a social worker but a true human being. My 9 months at this internship has changed me in so many ways and she was a major reason for it. I will also remember Ms. Patti as everyone call her. She not only helped me with class assignments but made sure I practiced self-care. She had so much faith in me that after 2 months into the internship I was making home visits with all 25 veterans on my own. She has said she has never let a student do that until second semester but I just knew what to do and took control.