Nespresso Company Social Media Presence & Marketing Strategy Analysis

industry: coffee industry

3 companys: Starbucks, Dunkin donut, Nespresso

For this assignment you will be performing an analysis or audit of the current social media presence and marketing strategy of three (number will depend on the size of the groups) brands that compete within the same industry. As a group you will make a compelling recommendation of what brand is performing best in the selected industry in terms of brand-consumer engagement and overall social media strategy. You must also identify the most effective marketing tactics within each platform and be able to apply them to your own campaigns later in the semester. This assignment requires a group Power Point presentation but not a paper.

You should make the following decisions:

  1. As a group you will select an industry. Ideally, different groups will choosedifferent industries.
  2. Each group member will pick a brand competing in the industry. For a brand to qualify for this assignment, it must have established a presence and be active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

You will track your selected brand actions in the three social media platforms for two weeks. During this time, you will regularly check all the brand social media profiles and record changes in activity. It is critical that you establish a regular schedule to trace changes in the brand profiles and identify effective marketing tactics. Specifically, you will be checking every social media platform twice a week of every week, and ideally at the same time. I encourage you to identify commercial applications that will make the data collection easier.