NATS Julius Caesar’s Consolidation Of Power History Essay Help

Julius Caesar lived from c. 100 BC- 44 BC. He was known as both an excellent general and politician. He ruled Rome from 46 – 44 BC. and although this was a short time, he made his mark on history and his actions would lead to the end of the Roman Republic and the start of the Roman Empire.

Answer the following in 500 words and include a reference list and citations:

Select ONE Of the following questions:

1. Trace Caesar’s consolidation of power and his eventual appointment as dictator for life.

2. Explain the important contributions that Caesar made to Rome, particularly his expansion of Roman citizenship. Define and explain the importance of citizenship.

3. Summarize the transition from Republic to Empire with the emergence of Augustus.


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2.Write a short answer assignment of at least 500 words.

3. Includes at least one secondary and one primary source. not including the lecture videos. Review the links in the Learning Activity to find appropriate sources. You can also research through the library.

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