Music Organization Acquiring Permission Based Contacts Deep Dive Assignment 6

For this week’s assignment, do a deep dive into an existing music-focused organization, and detail the following in a three-to-five-page document:

  • In what ways is this organization currently acquiring permission-based contacts? Please detail site options, as well as any additional options (directed word of mouth via social, YouTube campaigns, paid search endeavors, etc).
  • Sign up to receive more information from this company. What are your initial impressions? How effective is their approach? Are they utilizing content or other incentives to incentivize acquisition and nurture?
  • Outline a plan to improve this organization’s approach to acquisition, community building/engagement, and referral marketing/word of mouth across email, social, and other verticals.
  • Include any visuals (emails, site images, etc.) that might help support your written outline and make sure you provide references and cite all your sources according to APA guidelines.