MSN6502 Quality Improvement and Safety & Healthcare Technologies Assignment

MSN Essential III: Quality Improvement and Safety. Recognizes that a master’s-

prepared nurse must bearticulate in the methods, tools, performance measures,

and standards related to quality, as well as prepared to apply quality principles

within an organization (AACN, 2011, p. 4).

MSN Essential V: Informatics and Healthcare Technologies. Recognizes that the

master’s prepared nurse uses patient-care technologies to deliver and enhance care

and uses communication technologies to integrate and coordinate care (AACN, 2011,

p. 4-5).

Examining the course objectives, reading and assignments, please provide written evidence of how you have developed, created, applied and/or evaluated course content through your submitted assignments.

You will then address how the identified MSN Essential Standards applies to the final outcomes of your learning. Provide goals for future learning experiences during your progression through the MSN Program

Please provide at least one example (per standard) of how you will transfer this learning to your professional practice.

The submission should be approximately two pages in length (a minimum of one page for each standard), APA formatted with a reference page into an electronic portfolio.


This course will provide students with the skills to:

1. Explain the philosophical basis for nursing – its values, and knowledge

2. Evaluate how major theoretical frameworks inform nursing practice.

3. Integrate information and communication technology to improve healthcare outcomes

4. Demonstrate healthcare literacy through the use of information technology to improve

healthcare outcomes

5. Explore the process of socialization for advanced roles in nursing practice

6. Promote safety and quality through the use of information systems

7. Evidence critical thinking skills in class discussion, written work, online assignments, and

oral/visual/voice-enhanced presentations.