Mod 4 Neuron Anatomy Sensory Pathways and The Nervous System Questions

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Module 4 Assignment: Research and Report


  1. Prepare a diagram in Word, PowerPoint, or on poster. (If you prepare a poster, take a picture of the poster and upload the image to the dropbox.) The choice of how you create your diagram is up to you, but make sure it is clearly and appropriately labeled. The diagram should be detailed enough to communicate the sensory and motor pathways through the body.
    • Trace the sensory pathway from the receptors of the skin to the sensory area of the cerebrum.
    • Trace the motor pathway from the motor area of the cerebrum to the muscles.
    • Address the patient’s concern: What is the anatomical foundation that explains why patients who have had strokes on the right side of the cerebrum have paralysis on the contralateral side of the body?
  2. Include your diagram in the paper. Write an introduction describing your intention in creating the diagram, include verbiage in the body of your paper highlighting the important points of the diagram, and a conclusion summarizing the demonstration that you would present when using your diagram to explain the pathway and how it relates to your patient’s concern.
  3. All references must be cited using APA Style format.



  1. Consider that a friend or family member has come to you and asked how a stroke affects the body’s muscles. Describe the normal function of a muscle and how a stroke affects the muscle. In your response, of at least 300 words, specifically address the following:
    • Choose the muscle in which you are most interested, and describe its origin, insertion, and main function.
    • Choose a specific movement of the body such as flexion of the arm. Which muscle is the prime mover? Which muscle is the antagonist, and which is the synergist for that particular movement?
    • Mention the lobes of the cerebrum and their primary functions.
    • Mention the meninges and their function and location.
    • Describe how a stroke affects the function of the muscle about which you just explained. Remember, you are talking to a friend or family member who has NO medical knowledge. You must write in layman’s terms.
    • Project Assignment: My System Analysis Final Presentation