MKT431 Shark Tank Business Market Analysis Part II Presentation

Congratulations! Your Shark Tank panel of financial investors has moved you to the next round. The panel is interested in your business, but has additional questions that must be answered.

Create a 25-slide presentation in a format of your choice (e.g. Microsoft® PowerPoint®) in which you address the following:

  • Provide a brief summary of your product or service.
  • Explain your value proposition.
  • Outline your marketing, technology, and labor costs.
  • Describe your pricing strategy.
  • Estimate the amount of product or service you plan to sell.
  • Analyze your value proposition, costs, pricing, and volume against your competitors.
  • Answer the potential questions from your financial investor panel :
    • What is your price?
    • How did you arrive at that price?
    • Why do you think you can make any money at that price?
    • What are your manufacturing/resources costs?
    • What are your distribution channel costs?
      • Add persuasive information to justify your answers.

Format in APA

I have attached the previous assignment that this one is built off of for reference.