MKT385 Theories for the Study of Marketing Problems & Issues Assignment

my part of the work is only two pages of the projecct 🙁 how often men and women are portrayed as assertive in ads world wide )

2. Watch three hours of prime time network television (Do not use cable television channels for this project). Code the ads for: who you think the target audience is (men, women, or both), the actors used in the ad (male, female, groups), and how the genders are portrayed in the ad. In particular, ads should be coded to reflect dimensions of masculine and feminine sex roles. For example, one aspect of the masculine sex role is assertiveness. Based on your coding of ads, you should be able to determine how often men are portrayed as assertive and how often women are portrayed as assertive in the ads shown. Once you have coded the ads for characteristics of gender roles, analyze your results. That is, base on what you observed, what can you conclude about gender roles today? How women are portrayed in ads and how well does this fit with traditional women’s gender roles? How well do the men’s portrayals fit traditional male gender roles? Given your observations, what can you conclude about the state of gender role today?