MKT3301 Sensodyne Toothpaste Marketing Strategy & Distribution Research Report

Project topic-sensodyne toothpaste 

This project requires you to investigate the marketing strategy of an existing Consumer Product. This is a team/group based project. Each team is required to do an in class presentation and submit a written report. 

Marketing Mix – 35 points Product Offering – Things that should be included, name, features/attributes, packaging and any other things that makes this offering unique and increases its ability to satisfy target market needs. What phase of product life cycle is the brand? Picture of product should be included.

Distribution – Explanation of distribution system- direct or indirect Name the major type of intermediaries if indirect.  Pricing – Give price per package. Explain pricing strategy. What is the markup % at the retail level? (Hint: ask manager at the store). 

Promotion – Explain all the promotion mix elements currently being used to promote the product. Need to justify the reason different promotion mix elements chosen. Attached a link to a commercial video would be something good to do for presentation. 

Market Opportunity Matrix – Explain the primary growth strategy that has been used to grow and sustain this brand in the past 5- 10 years. Provide justification. Read about types of opportunities in Chapter 2 Market Penetration Market Development Product development Diversification

Fully documentation all material in this paper. Cites – APA or MLA

must have a report of pages over this and powerpoint slides

Use bullet points or phrases (no more than 5 per slide).