Misleading Statistics

Perhaps the most direct way to be involved in the political process in our government is by voting. Although how this is accomplished can be a combination of federal and state laws (Msagleby, Light, & Nemacheck, 2018, pp. 187-197), much is still generally a matter of state law, so you are to examine voting requirements in the state of which are a resident (or stationed), in which you may have been a resident (or stationed), or in which you might hope to someday be a resident (or stationed).

First, provide the state name (WA state), and the URL for where you found the information. Next, describe the basic requirements for eligibility to vote (age, residence, photo identification or other material required, when any registration is required, etc., and be sure to include any categories of those who are specifically precluded from voting), how the state conducts primaries (open, closed, etc.), and general elections (by mail, computer equipment, etc.). Then, discuss what you see as any potential “problems” with any of these requirements/methodologies as implemented, together with any ideas for how you think they might be addressed/improved.