MIS445 Setting Up SAS Studio Class University Dataset Assignment

Option #1: Setting Up SAS Studio – CLASS Dataset

The purpose of this Critical Thinking Assignment is to verify that you have successfully downloaded and installed SAS Studio onto your computer.  In addition, you are asked to become familiar with SAS Studio environment through this assignment.  First, download and install SAS Studio and then complete the following steps: 

  1. Under Server Files and Folder, right-click on My Folders.  Choose New and click on Folder.  It will prompt you to create a name for the new folder.  Type “MIS445.” This creates a new folder called MIS445 under My Folders.
  2. Under Libraries, double-click on My Libraries. Double-click on SASHELP.  You will see many permanent SAS data files.  Choose the dataset called CLASS. Let’s export this dataset into the folder MIS445.  Right-click on CLASS dataset and select Export. In the prompt window, choose MIS445 folder and the file format as CSV.   
  3. Now, go to MIS445 folder and double-click on CLASS.csv.  It will generate SAS codes to import (PROC IMPORT) and describe the structure of the data (PROC CONTENTS).  Run this program by hitting the running man icon. 
  4. Take a screenshot of the results from this code. The result title should say “The CONTENTS Procedure.”
  5. Using the results (under The CONTENTS Procedure), answer the following:
    1. How many observations and variables are there in the dataset?
    2. What is the file size (in KB)?

Copy and paste the screenshot into a Word document and answer the questions in item (e.). Submit the Word file in Canvas for grading.