MIS445 R Project for Statistical Computing Assignment

R is a free statistical software that is frequently and widely used. Go to R-Project for Statistical Computing (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to download the R software to your computer (follow the instructions provided in the attached R Installation Instructions sheet). The R Project website (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. provides a brief introduction to R that you may also want to review.

Like SAS, R is code-driven software that provides computation and graphics easily. This means that you need to write code in order to obtain the results. In this CT assignment, you will write code to find the probabilities. Some R example code to find the probabilities under specific distributions are given in Section 1.11 of zyBooks. For each problem, write an R code to compute each probability.

(a) Binomial Distribution: X ~ Bin(10, 0.7)

(i) P(X = 2)

(ii) P(X < 2)

(iii) P(X > 2)

(iv) P(1 < X < 7)

(b) Normal Distribution: X ~ N(0, 4). Note that variance is 4 and, hence, the standard deviation is 2.

(i) P(X < 3)

(ii) P(X > 3)

(iii) P(1 < X < 3)

(c) Choose either (a) or (b) and interpret the results in a real-life scenario. Make sure to define X and interpret each probability.

For parts (a) and (b), take screenshots of R codes and the answers. Copy and paste the screenshot(s) into a Word document and submit the Word file in Canvas.