MIS 3000 IDP Chap10 Care Benefits vs Cybersecurity Risks Article Paper

Security by Design


One of the topics introduced in Chapter 10 is design for secure applications. Although this is not a programming or computer science course, I’d like you to be aware that design of applications with security built in is vitally important. There are old and poorly designed applications supporting key systems all around us. HPU alumnus Billy Rios is a leader in security by design. Here’s a link to an article and short audio on a recent paper written by Billy on the threat exposure in implantable medical devices.


Here’s an older one (and maybe too long for most) on exploiting access control and facility management systems (he talked about this on a visit to HPU):

And, here’s a quick one on the potential security threats that come with the Internet of Things (IOT):

Go to the link below and pick one of the design principles and expand on the topic for your post. Find an alternative source to support your position. I know this could be rather technical for some, but try to explain this in your own words and as simply as possible give an example.