MGT312 Employee Supervisor Conflicts and Solutions Team Project Proposal

1. As noted in the syllabus, your report is up to 15 pages. Key word here is “up to” – it can be shorter and quality is far more important than length. As a rough guideline, you can think of 2-3 pages for the introduction (an expanded better version of the proposal), 1-2 for the method, 2-3 for the results, and 3-5 for the discussion. You can include an executive summary if you want, but that is up to you.

2. Figures and tables can be included in-text, at the end of the document, or as an appendix.

3. You are free to use another format compared to APA – as long as it is professional that is fine.

  • Gather relevant information and data. You have several options for gathering
    information and data. You may create and administer a survey or you may interview
    key informants from the organization you are studying. You may observe workers.
    Use any data collection procedure that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Analyze your problem or issue. Using the information you have gathered about the
    organization, draw some conclusions about the issue you are studying. Draw on the
    organizational behavior literature relevant to your topic to help you analyze it. Your
    analysis should be clear, logical, and based on what you have learned from your
    data, the class, the text, and other readings. It is often helpful to include tables and
    figures in the report to clarify your analyses.
  • Generate suggested solutions. Given your analysis of the problem, generate key
    steps an organization can take to improve any problems and build on any strengths.
    Your suggestions should involve things an organization could actually do given
    constraints. It might be helpful to first lay out all possible solutions, including “ideal”
    ones in a world without constraints, and then select from those, attempting to
    approximate the ideal ones. Your suggestions should be based whenever possible on
    general and guiding principles of organizational behavior learned in the course.
  • Final paper formatting. The final project report should be up to 15 typed, double-spaced, and numbered pages of text, plus references, tables, figures, and appendices. The paper must have 1-inch margins on 8.5”x11” paper, with 12pt Times New Roman font. Please write clearly and concisely and follow APA
    guidelines when it comes to the format of your paper, including how you format your references. The following website is a great resource for the APA guidelines: Sample APA structure your project may follow is as follows:

Title page: please include the following:
– paper title, Instructor’s name, section #, group number, date, authors and student #s

Executive summary: a 150-word paragraph overview of the entire report (new page)

Introduction: organizational issue studied, relevance to organizations (new page)

Method: description of organization, contact person, data collection procedures

Results: analysis of aggregate data

Discussion: make conclusions, alternative explanations, suggest solutions

References (new page)

Tables (new page, or inserted throughout the paper)

Figures (new page, or inserted throughout the paper)

Appendices (new page)

I want you to write 7 to 10 pages include Intro, body and conclusions

the intro should include the proposal.

for the body use the main issues that I use in the presentation.

also talk about the survey and why I choose these questions

we used google form for the survey which I want to mention it.

the project is about problems we can find in work place and write possible solutions for it. one of the problems we picked is the conflict between mangers and employees.

I would like you to use the proposal we posted as an introduction and write about the problems and the possible solutions. We have interviews 5 people from a phone company called (Sprint) we find some problems in their work place such as racialism, and some other problems but you can talk about any problems and write solutions about it.