MGMT6010 Concepts Theories and Strategies of Shared Practice Paper

Discussion: Shared Practice: Your Future as a Great Manager

In reflecting on the course content and the lessons you have learned during the past 7 weeks, you may find that some concepts, theories, practices, strategies have made a stronger impression on you than others. Perhaps you have begun to consider how you would like to share these lessons with colleagues and teams that you manage and lead. Maybe you are interested in further refining your communication skills to be able to better lead diverse teams. Or, you may have begun to explore how to promote a positive, ethical, and sustainable work environment within your organization.

With these thoughts in mind:

A list of three theories, concepts, or strategies that resonated with you most with regard to managing people and promoting collaboration. For each item you list, provide an explanation as to why it is relevant to you and your professional development.

Include References