MGMT410 Life Insurance Corporation Of India Operations Management Paper

operations management with a real-life application experience.

First, you need to pick an organization that you want to research on. Preferably it is a for-profit business that you can easily find information about. Also, it should be a business that haven’t started or is still a novice in sustainable operations. It is up to you whether the business is Canadian or international; whether the business is in manufacturing or service.

Second, you need to do extensive research and then write about the status quo of operations management for this business. You should include in your writing the description on its internal and external operations, its product research and development activities, its manufacturing process management, and how it deals with disposal issues. Keep in mind in this part that all the above aspects should be based on factual information in relation to the business, and you should analyze the potential problems for each of these operational aspects in terms of how sustainable it is. This part is 30% (1,500 words) of your grade.

Third, you need to start the process of designing sustainable operations for this business. Your design should cover all the present operations that you have discussed in the previous section, i.e., internal and external operations, product features, manufacturing process, and disposal. You need to apply the theories and examples in this course to your design and come up with sustainable solutions that are both practical and applicable. You can refer to the best practices in the industry and you are to do benchmarking for your analysis. This part is 50% (2,500 words) of your grade.

Although not required to do so, you can also cover the issues of marketing and human resource management in discussing both the status quo and the ideal situation for this business.

In the last part of your project, you need to talk about the short-term and long-term costs and benefits for your strategies. You also need to summarize how your sustainable operations design can differentiate this business from others, how it can build competitive advantage for the business, and ultimately how it can contribute to the 3Ps. This part is 20% (1,000 words) of your grade.

This assignment should be 5,000 words and is worth 40% of your final grade for MGMT 410. Be sure to follow the assignment format requirements in the course syllabus and use the Appendix section for any additional information such as operational diagrams, flow through charts and general company information. Theses appendices are not to be included in the word count. This project is due on the last day of this course April 20th at 11:59pm.