MGMT4020 Team Case Management Guidelines – COSTCO

This assignment has Two Parts.

1) Watch the video below and answer the following questions.

Corning began as a glass company in 1841, then found a place in every American kitchen through the 20th century, and now they are on the edge of the optical fiber industry. This video shows how Corning has progressively adapted as the external environments have changed. They have found a way to strengthen their value chain by focusing efforts on the resources, and capabilities that will allow them to excel in the 21st century.

This video shows how Corning is using their resources and capabilities to progress the organization through innovation.


Now that you have watched the video, answer the following questions:

  1. Do you think that products presented in the video support Corning’s overall strategy?
  2. Which products do you think might be cash hogs as they are rolled out to market?

For additional supportive information, you might want to explore the most current annual report for Corning and review the Business Description, and Risk Factors sections.



All team members need to read the Costco case (Attached in both PDF and Word). Each team member will contribute to each section below by providing information from the perspective of the role s/he is assuming for this case. (I AM TO ASSUME THE OPERATIONS AND VALUE CHAIN ROLE (Explanation attached) and respond from this perspective only). Attached also is an example of one completed with the various roles. My other teammates will do their parts. I have to contribute to the TOWS from this perspective as well..

Additional link to value chain info: