MGMT3060 Discrimination in Employment Discussion Questions



1. Discrimination on the Basis of Race or Color

Does Title VII prohibit employment discrimination against members of all races? Explain

2. Discrimination on the Basis of National Origin

Ace Tennis Co. hires only employees who speak English. Does this policy illegally discriminate against Hispanic job applicants who speak only Spanish? Discuss.

3. Discrimination on the Basis of Religion

Ortega, an employee of ABC Inc. recently joined a church that forbids working on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. Ortega requested that his employer change his work schedule from eight-hour days, Monday through Friday, to ten-hour days, Tuesday through Friday. Ortega’s request was refused because the employer is in operation only eight hours per day, five days a week. After a month during which Ortega failed to work on Mondays, he was fired. The employer stated that “only a full-time employee would be acceptable” for Ortega’s position. What are Ortega’s legal rights, if any?

4. Discrimination on the Basis of Age

Cantrell, the controller of Xylec’s Inc. was forced to retire at age 58 due to a general company policy. Although Cantrell has a company pension of $50,000 per year, she believes that her lifestyle will soon be hampered due to inflation, since the pension provides for no cost-of-living increases. What are Cantrell’s rights, if any?

5. Discrimination on the Basis of Disabilities

Ralph is a systems analyst for the Silicon Corporation, a major defense contractor. When Ralph’s co-workers learn that he has AIDS, six of them quit work immediately. Fearing that additional resignations will delay production, the company discharges Ralph. Discuss whether or not the company acted legally.

6. Genetic Discrimination

Amy learns that she has the “breast cancer gene.” Devastated, she shares the news with her supervisor. A few days later, Amy receives a harsh employment evaluation—the first of her career—criticizing her handling of a client matter. Two weeks later, Amy is fired. Amy cannot understand how she went from being a model employee with strong performance reviews to unemployed in such a short time. Does she have any claim against her employer?