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Country Project – Mis vacaciones

This is an exciting project that will allow you to combine the use of technology with the knowledge you have gained so far about Spanish countries and the language and blend it together in a colorful and professional manner. For this assignment, you will use PowerPoint as well as resources that you can access from the Internet. You will need to record your voice speaking and narrate your PPT.


Your presentation will need to be uploaded into the Country Project folder in the Content area. If your file is too large, you can save your project elsewhere (like GoogleDrive) or create a You-Tube video and upload the link to the assignment area in the Country Project folder in the Content area of Blackboard.


This is a four-part project. It is a written, oral and a visual project.

PART I. (Written Transcript – 40pts ) In Spanish, you will write about a vacation to the country that you were assigned using a combination of the Present and Simplified Future tenses. You must include elements 1 through 11 listed at the end of this document in your writing to coincide with the PowerPoint presentation. Upload the transcript as a Word file to the assignment area of the project module.

PART II. (Written- Culture paper – 30pts ) Write a short, 2- page paper in English with sources cited that includes interesting cultural information learned that is too complex for the oral presentation

PART IV. (Visual – 40pts) –You can use any site that you like that will provide you with the necessary pictures to complete this assignment. HOWEVER, you must provide an accurate link for your pictures so that I can verify that they are from the country you are visiting. If the picture is found to be from another country and not yours, your grade will be affected negatively. Make sure you double check. Do not place your full written transcript on the PPT. Label pictures. What you will say should be in the written transcript of the presentation.


Each presentation must include:

1. A clear map of the country, which lists its capital and major cities. You are to point out your country’s capital and 3 other cities that you will visit on your vacation. Say where the country is located and the cities that you will visit. (country) está en (continent). Label the countries bordering your country.

2. Currency. Picture of the money that the country uses. Talk about the fact that you will have to change your money (if you do) for the nation’s currency. En _____usan el (Country currency in Spanish).

3. For the capital, you will have a picture of some place in the capital that you plan to visit and 4 other touristy places of interest. Ejemplo: Voy (vamos) a visitar {the capital of your country}la capital de (country). Quiero (queremos) / Pienso (pensamos) ver (tell me what you’d like to see in the capital) y (talk about other places that you are going to visit). Talk about some of the things that the people do in these places. En el parque los niños juegan al fútbol. Do not include full sentences on the slides. What you will say should be in the written transcript of the presentation.

4. In the next 3 slides show 3 other cities (1 city per slide) and show 3 things that you find interesting about each city. (much like #3).

5. Three popular tourist destinations – include pictures, what makes it a popular destination, and any other interesting or important information about the destination

6. Typical Food. Talk about the food that your country eats. You will talk about what the people in your country eat and what you will try while on vacation. Ir+a/Querer + comer . Ir + a +probar (try) algo interesante.

Los (nationality) comer (conjugate this verb) [insert food here] para el almuerzo / el desayuno /la cena.

7. Attend a sporting event or two. Show photos of the sporting arena and the games going on.

Mientras que estar en _(country) ir+ a + ir a un___(activity). Ir + a / Querer_________________.

8. Pictures of the regional dances. Talk about the dances that you want to see. I want you to attend a typical dance show for the country. Talk about what you are going to see and the music that you will listen to. Ir + a ver un baile.

Va a ser muy (what’s it going to be like?)_________________. Talk about what the people in your country do.

9. Music – talk about at least one style/genre of music that is native to your country, include names of musical instruments used, popular musicians/bands in this genre, and clip of musical genre/style if available.

10. Two customs or traditions that you experience or learn about during your visit. In simple terms, explain the holiday, custom, or tradition, when is it celebrated and why, include pictures.

11. Bibliography – list all sources/websites used.

MAKE SURE ALL ELEMENTS ARE INCLUDED IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE GRADE. Each element that is missed will result in deductions from your grade.