Meiji Restoration and Westernization Book Review


The main book we are using to evaluate is called Sakamoto Ryoma and the Meiji Restoration and the chapters that should be focused on are chapter 2 “The Response to The West” and chapter 8 ”Restoration.”

(book: Jansen, Marius B.“The Response to the West,” in Sakamoto Ryoma, and the Meiji Restoration, (Princeton, N.J., Princeton University Press, 1961).

Please take a careful look at the sample, template and rubric for this book review assignment. My previous literature review has a central thesis arguing that Western influence was the main factor leading to the Meiji Restoration to modernize Japan. This is merely just a reference of my stance but please stick to the book’s content what so ever.

Moreover, to explain why do I recommend this book, you should try to relate back to my previous thesis statement. I will attach the literature review just for a reference and for providing different sources you may use to compare with the book. My professor is also very strict with citation, so please follow the format.