McDonald’s Closure in Moscow / Expatriate Problems Assignments

Assignment 1

Choose one of the Discussion Questions below and answer it in your initial post, in full paragraph form, using at least two outside sources (always note your sources):

1.Consider Russia’s actions against McDonald’s. Do you believe that Russia’s move against McDonald’s is politically motivated or do you think that McDonald’s has actually violated sanitary policies? In your opinion, does McDonald’s position as a symbol of Western ideals invite the attack? Could the company have done anything to prevent it?

2.Discuss the implications of the closures for McDonald’s. What do accusations such as these mean for a business like McDonald’s? What do they mean for employees and suppliers? What do the closures mean for customers?

3.Since the breakup of the USSR, Russia has moved toward a more democratic system with more open markets. In your opinion, does current Russian president Vladimir Putin have a different approach in mind? Do think Russia will continue its course under Putin, or go in a different direction? What does this mean for trade and foreign investment?

Part A: Make your initial post answering one of the questions above by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday to allow for sufficient time for replies and quality discussion. You will not be able to see the posts of your classmates until you make your initial post.

Support your choices with your reasoning and references. References are mandatory in this discussion and they should not be just from your text. This exercise is about an exchange of ideas versus giving the “right or wrong” answer!

Part B: Read the posts from your classmates and reply to at least two. (Choose classmates that haven’t already been asked questions by someone else, if any.)

Assignment 2:

You could choose ONE of the two questions below from this unit and write at least a one page journal entry that reflects your understanding of this topic.

Unit 7 Journal Questions (please choose one):

  • Reread the Management Focus on Philips in China and then answer the following questions: Imagine you are the marketing manager for a U.S. manufacturer of disposable diapers. Your firm is considering entering the Brazilian market. Your CEO believes the advertising message that has been effective in the United States will suffice in Brazil. Outline the possible objections to this. Your CEO also believes that the pricing decisions in Brazil can be left to local managers. Why might she be wrong? (Chapter 18);
    • a. What are the major benefits to Philips of shifting so much of its global production to China?
    • b. What are the risks associated with a heavy concentration of manufacturing assets in China?
    • c. What strategies might Philips adopt to maximize the benefits and mitigate the risks associated with moving so much product? (Chapter 17);

Research suggests that many expatriate employees encounter problems that limit both their effectiveness in a foreign posting and their contribution to the company when they return home. What are the main causes and consequences of these problems, and how might a firm reduce the occurrence of such problems? (Chapter 19).

Assignment 3

Write at least 1 page

Unit 8 Journal Question:

Why do the accounting systems of different countries differ? Why do these differences matter?