MATH145 Unit 3 Algebra Problem Situation Maximum Storage Area Project

Problem Situation:A construction company wishes to build a rectangular enclosure to store machinery and equipment. The site selected borders on a river that will be used as one of the sides of the rectangle. Fencing will be needed to form the other three sides. The company has 682 feet of 10-foot high chain-link fencing. The questions that follow should help you determine the dimensions of the rectangle that will produce the maximum area for the storage site. Assume that the company wishes to use all of the fencing, and that “width” refers to the measure of each of the two sides that are perpendicular to the river, and “length” refers to the measure of the side parallel to the river (see diagram). For the questions that follow, all measurement answers are to be given with the correct unit label, e.g. feet, square feet, etc.

All of the questions are in the file