Marx and Engels the Communist Manifesto & Epoch of The Bourgeoisie Paper

1.What is “haunting Europe”?

2.What is the history of “all hitherto existing society”?

3.What is distinct, according to Marx and Engels, about the tensions of the “epoch of the bourgeoisie”?

4.How does the Manifesto explain the following claim from Part I “The bourgeoisie, historically, has played a most revolutionary part.”

5.How is the contemporary moment different from all “previous historical moments”?

6.What will the proletariat do once elevated to the status of “ruling class,” according to Marx and Engels?

7.In Part III of the Manifesto Marx and Engels identify a variety of socialisms. Identify TWO of them in the space below and give a general overview of what they stand for

8.Why do the Communists turn their attention to Germany (Part IV)?

9.What is the leading question in each revolutionary Communist movement?