Marketing Communications Strategy and Distribution Strategy Assignment

Marketing Plan Document: a new cosmetics product that will be launched in the UAE.

Dear writer, I need your help to prepare the following marketing plan based on the information I will provide. It’s a group project, however I will share with you my part that I need to work on it.


For my part, I need to develop a Marketing Communications strategy and distribution strategy

. When preparing the strategy it is important to draw on researchto support your critical analysis and application of concepts.It is essential that your research is referenced(it should be relevant and used in the research , not using random sources) . Correct referencing is important because it identifies the source of the ideas and arguments that you present, and sometimes the source of the actual words you use, and helps to avoid the problem of plagiarism.

So below are the needed information.

The new product we will launchis basically we do some adjustments and improvements to the lash glue by add type of vitamin called (niacin) that helps lashes grow faster and will as will add vitamin C to the lash glue that will prevent the lash glue from damaging the lashes once remember. This product will be under Huda Beauty Brand. So you need to Outline of all relevant changes/trends in marketing environments and implications for Huda Beauty Brandand the new product, beside thorough analysis of the competitive situation.


  1. Develop a Marketing Communications strategy ( this section should include the following points explained in details ) ( 2 Pages)
  • Marketing Communications Objectives
  • Promotion Mix
  • What mix of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, sponsorship, direct response marketing, public relations/publicity will you use?
  • Is it push, pull, or mixed?
  • Develop examples of your communications with reference to the Six-steps of Communication Effectiveness
  • Follow the steps and develop a message to communicate with target customers on your new brand.
  1. Distribution Objective (1 Page )
  • Explain your distribution channel structure.
  • Is it direct or indirect? Who are the channel members? How are marketing functions shared? Is there a vertical marketing system? Is there potential for any channel conflict (what type)?
  • What numbers of marketing intermediaries will you use? Who are they? Where are they located? Do you need a reverse channel?