LVE400 La Verne Girls Not Brides Combat Child Marriage Reflection Paper

Students will write one reflection statement using the criteria on the Critical Thinking/Information Literacy rubric (AAC&U) to guide their reflection. Make sure you include the four components for reflection (see below) in your statement. This reflection is based on your Critical Thinking Assignment.

Each reflection statement is approximately 1 – 2 (500-700 words) pages in length, double spaced, 12 point font.

The following FOUR COMPOENTS must be addressed in each reflection statement:

  1. A brief description of the artifact/assignment and a rationale how the artifact/assignment aligns with the rubic for the appropriate BLO.
  2. An examination of the learning process, showing what learning occurred, how learning occurred, in addition to how newly acquired knowledge or learning altered existing knowledge. What did you get out of the assignment?
  3. Identify how you have grown as a learner and a professional during your course work in regard to the appropriate BLO. Give one detailed example. How does what you learned apply ot the BLO?
  4. Identify how you plan to apply what you have learned from participating in the assignment to your future goals.

How will you use your new knowledge in your future? Please provide one detailed example?