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Complete Chapter 8 Entrepreneurial Challenge (page 340): BUILD YOUR OWN BUSINESS. You will complete these assignments for each chapter throughout the semester and put together a final report at the end of the semester.

Write an analysis addressing ONE OF the following:

  1. Netflix reinvented the video rental business using supply chain technology. Netflix is the largest online DVD rental service, offering flat-rate rental by mail and over the Internet to customers. Customers can create their own personal list of movie favorites, and the DVDs are delivered by the U.S. Postal Service from one of Netflix’s warehouses. Customers can keep the DVD for as long as they want and simply return it by mail to receive their next selection. Netflix’s business is video rental, but it used technology to revamp its supply chain to disrupt the entire video rental industry. Define a way that you can revamp or reinvent your business by using supply chain technologies.
  2. Business is booming, and you have achieved your goal of driving operating costs down, which helps to drive revenues up. One of your best new products is from China, and it is accounting for a 20 percent increase in your profits. Yesterday, a dockworkers union strike began and shut down all of the West Coast shipping docks from San Francisco to Canada. Work will resume when the union agrees to new labor contracts, which could take months. You need to assess the impact of the shutdown on your business quickly. How will you keep business running if you cannot receive your shipments? What strategies do you recommend to help the business continue working while the supply chain is disrupted by the strike?

Instructions for your submission:

  • Open the Word document from your previous submission:”Entrepreneurial Challenge-YourName”.
  • You will be using this document throughout the semester.
  • Make any requested changes from feedback received in previous weeks
  • Add a bold heading titled: Chapter 8: Enterprise Applications
  • Follow the formatting requirements below
  • Be sure your analysis is clear and organized.
  • Change the Footer on the Word document to: Left (Your Name), Middle (Page number), Right (semester, year).
  • Submit “Entrepreneurial Challenge-YourName” prior to the due date and time.

Formatting Requirements:

  • Times New Roman, 12 point font
  • One-inch margins (indent first line of paragraphs 1/2-inch)
  • Double spaced (no extra spacing before or after paragraphs)
  • Correct spelling and punctuation
  • Complete sentences