LIT200 Point Loma Nature Trail by Benjamin Zephaniah Analysis Paper

Here are the options I was given for this paper. If you have a piece of work that qualifies as “nature literature” then you can treat this as analyzation of that and do the first option, however, I would prefer that you do the creative writing project if you have no piece of nature literature that you could analyze…

“Write a four page paper analyzing a work of your choosing that qualifies as “nature literature.” 150 points. It can be a fiction, poetry, or nonfiction. You may choose a work you read previously or an essay from your text or a story from I’m With the Bears that we are not reading in class. Read your choice thoroughly and critically, and then write a short paper analyzing and evaluating the way this work represents the natural world. Some questions you might consider: How does this work address some of the themes we have discussed in class? How is nature and our relationship to it represented? How does it shape or challenge your understanding of your place in the universe and your relationship to the environment, constructed or natural? Does the author reveal any ethical or political considerations?

Use at least 2 additional resources to complement or to use as a counterpoint to your argument.

You may also treat this as a creative writing project using the outside sources as a springboard or model for your own piece of nature writing. You should still have at least two sources (the third source can be the place you are writing about). If you do a creative piece, you should include a page analysis of your goals, influences, and success. All sources should be documented in MLA format.

The title page and bibliography do not count towards the four page minimum.” Please do not forget to add in the title and bibliography page and also to make sure that everything is written in MLA format.