LIT 381 Malcolm In The Middle TV show Analysis

Choose a credits sequence that offers a good commentary on family normalcy, family differentiation, or some atypical family dynamic. Alternately, choose a metaphoric sequence linked to family such as the one we did with The Big C (but you cannot analyze that one or any other sequences we analyzed closely in class). You may also use a drama or dramedy show like Shameless or Once & Again even though the handout says sitcom. Use the handout to sketch a rough draft. The short paper, which can be 2-3 pages is due Wednesday. You cannot just do any sequence. You have to be able to make a claim about how it references family dynamics or comments on gendered roles related to family.

More information on the attached file

Please read through the attached file before you start.

Also if you aren’t sure what an opening credit scence is. please ask and i will explain it more.