Life of Adolf Hitler and His Role in World War II Written Assignment

Presentation and Presentation Report (20%). You will be asked to deliver a 10-minute presentation in class on any aspect of World War II of your choice. For example, you can discuss a specific battle, a particular type of warfare, or focus on a specific individual who played an important role in shaping the course of World War II and its outcome (not necessarily a military figure). Your presentation will have to be based on 3-4 secondary historical sources (a book, chapter in a book, or an article written by professional historians) You are welcome to use additional materials (maps, pictures, recordings). Your presentation date will be assigned depending on your topic and its relation to the lectures. Within one week after your presentation, you will need to submit a Presentation Report (about 4-5 pages long) summarizing key points of your presentation, discussing the significance of your topic, and briefly describing its sources and their usefulness. First drafts are welcome to be discussed in person.