Leadership Performance and Ethical Challenges in A Group Reflection Paper

The second paper will describe the group process and the student’s role in it as experienced through the group assignments. The paper should be no more than 4-5 pages in length. APA. Using knowledge of group process and tapping into self-awareness and professional growth, write about the dynamics of this group experience. This is a social work course.

  • What did you learn about leadership in a group?
  • Qualitatively, how do you reflect on your performance in this group, as a leader and/or follower? Yes
  • How did the group make decisions? I had a take charge leader attitude. I separated the section and allowed the other 2 group members pick which one they wanted to do.
  • What frustrated you as part of this group? Nothing
  • What has changed about your ideas of leadership as a result of readings, assignments, and class discussions this semester?
  • What ethical challenges arose for you and how did you navigate those challenges? None (but talk about what we would have done if ethical challenges did arise)

What goals do you have for yourself as a leader?