Leadership Applications Written Exercise 1

•Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 1-1: Readiness for the Leadership Role- My score was Moderate readiness for the leadership role

•Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 2-1: How Self-Confident Are You? My score was Moderate, or average, self-confidence

•Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 2-2: Behaviors and Attitudes of a Trustworthy Leader- My score was I’m trustworthy

•Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 2-3: My Tendencies Toward Being a Proactive Personality- My score is I have about average tendencies toward being proactive. To enhance my success and have more fun in life, I might attempt to become more proactive.

For each module Written Exercise, you will submit a written report that covers the assigned leadership skill building exercises from the text. The report will incorporate your findings and conclusions from the self-assessment quizzes in this module, and from personal reflection. Written reports should be 1,000 words.

The exercise must conform to the requirements of APA formatting, to include cover page (running head, page number, title, author, university), a table of contents, APA-level headings and subheadings, proper in-text citations, and a reference section at the end.