Law Human Rights Human Dignity and Faith Martin Luther King Questions

Here is the description of the assignment from the course outline: Law, Human Rights, and Human Dignity Written Statement: Integrate the answers to the following questions into a 1,000 word statement (usually about 2 single-spaced pages) explaining your perspective on the following question: What should a U.S. citizen do if their faith beliefs conflict with a U.S. law? ¿ To what extent do you think that U.S. citizens have a responsibility to follow U.S. laws? ¿ Include 5 examples of possible faith/law conflicts. ¿ What was Martin Luther King Jr.¿s response to what he considered an unjust law (include examples from your reading of his ¿Letter from a Birmingham Jail¿)? **note: his nonviolent protest was not following the law¿that is why his letter is a ¿Letter from Birmingham Jail.¿ ¿ To what extent should the government take into account faith beliefs when formulating laws? Conversely, to what extent should a person take into account laws when acting on their faith beliefs when the two are in conflict?

You can use any resources available/I can provide any resources from my readings (like the Letter from a Birmingham Jail).