Keystone Pipeline & Clean Air Act and Its Impact on The Environment Paper

Choose an environmental health topic. In 4 pages, double space,  develop a research question and explore your selected environmental  health topic.

At minimum your paper should include:

1. Introduction: 


      -The purpose, problem, or question to be considered is stated clearly.

2. Body:

Presentation of evidence:

-The points are internally consistent, (i.e. one point follows from another), plausible and well supported.

-References are recent, high quality, and appropriate to the paper topic (research articles and books).

      -The paper is easy to follow and well organized.

3.  Conclusion:

       –The author summarizes the findings adequately, and draws appropriate conclusions.

Example Topics (You can select one of these topics or you can pick your own)

  • Does recycling really help the environment?
  • Green New Deal and climate change
  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Racism/Justice
  • Keystone Pipeline
  • Coral reef extinction and the impact on the environment
  • Are bees going extinct?
  • Clean Air Act and its impact on the environment