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In my organization, Dallas County Community College District, LeCroy Center for Online Learning. We had a process in place of tracking inventory through excel spreadsheets. Using this format, led to many problems such as lost inventory; laptops, projectors, etc. I had for some time been consulting with the leadership team that we needed a more secure document library that allows I.T. personnel to input new inventory, with the date of purchase, the serial number, and internal control numbers. The leadership team balked, and procrastinated for quite some time, I held a team meeting and discuss them with the team who supported wholly change management strategy. I researched within our internal control systems and pull data of purchases and showed the leadership team where we were losing money, and incurring a rising cost due to lost inventory. Anderson (2009) states, “In the rush to get moving, leaders press for a plan of action or delegate to project teams without giving the authority to make decisions. This lapse slows progress. Change efforts need clear governance.” (p. 11). I was eventually given the task to develop a design methodology that was cost-effective, and user-friendly for all the leadership team to access and monitor. I designed a program in Oracle that the organization could use without incurring additional cost.
The change management strategies I used to implement the design methodologies were to first create a template in Oracle and present the template in a leadership meeting. Carmichael (2009) states, “Benchmarking, which takes known best practices and uses them as performance measures, helps you more accurately identify areas of improvement, and paves the way for developing the next generation of improvements—the best practices down the line.” (p.26). Showing how the new software design could improve our business flow, and benchmark how future inventory is processed and documented was approved and the new software designed and created. The roll-out was a success and now inventory is tracked in real time and updated to include all inventory taken out of real-time.


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