Kaplan University Performance Improvement Project Management Assignment

DIMENSION Deming Juran Crosby PMI

Quality Conformance to requirement


Quality Prevention


Performance Zero defects


Quality Cost of nonconformance


Role of top Leadership and participation


Role of the High level involvement


Research the philosophies of the leading thinkers behind today’s quality movements and fill in the matrix

blanks with your understanding of each person’s philosophy dimension. The Project Management Institute’s

philosophy dimensions are filled in for you to provide an example.

Then, based on your understanding of the individual philosophical dimensions, identify how you would approach quality for your project (Family Vacation Project)

Outline in your paper how “conformance to requirements” looks and which philosopher’s approach would help achieve the highest quality results.

Demonstrate knowledge of all three theories (Deming, Juran, and Crosby). To do so, you might want to compare and contrast the theories as you make the case for why one is more supportive of your project. Support the case you are making with information from cited and referenced sources.