Joint Commission’s Standard Selection Article Discussion

See attached documents for project guidelines, and rubric. Each student selects a standard of his/her choice to analyze/review. For selection of standards go to

The attachment of instructions note that the class will post its answers. We will not do that this semester.


123 points


Wrote supportive evidence that is clear enough for another organization to duplicate compliance effort

18 points


List accountable parties

17 points


Clearly stated source

17 points


Clearly indicated standard number (as in example) and recorded student name as author

The class is going to produce a list of how to meet The Joint Commission standards for the National Patient Safety Goals.

Each student will be assigned a standard that one will need to research and find evidence from a location on how to be compliant with the standard.The Joint Commission Goals are under separate attachment.Your source for compliance can be from an organization such as a hospital, ambulatory surgery center, or large physician group that is accredited by someone.

Each student will post their finding.The format will be as follows:

What source did you use?

Who is accountable for the standard?Directors, VP, CEO, and Board are examples.

Write enough evidence that someone else could duplicate in another organization or at least get a good start.

LD.04.02.03.The organization uses its process to address ethical issues or issues prone to conflicts.Memorial Hospital has implemented an ethics committee.It is compiled with a chaplain, attorney, risk manager, chief of medical staff, and chief of nursing.It meets monthly to discuss general ethical issues as well as cases that are on-going.It is available for emergency consult if needed by the clinical or administrative staff.It reports directly to the CEO.It is supported by a policy and procedure.Mark Dame

Who wrote the submission?