ITECH7406 Federation University Customer Relationship Management Report

The report :

The report will take the form of a well-researched academic report of approximately 3000 words. Diagrams or tables are encouraged to be used to support your statements. The report should be well supported with appropriate references from reliable sources. You should include academic journals, books, theses, trade magazines and well-respected sources of related Internet materials that you find relevant. Please note – Wikipedia is NOT considered a reliable source to quote in an academic document of this type, without backup from other well reputed sources. Your report should present as a collective effort, not a series of submissions by various team members. It is expected to FLOW as one document. Each team member’s contribution should be clearly identified in the report, with a notation about which section he/she wrote about. Table of contents, reference list and contribution statements do not count towards the final words count. All reports must use the APA referencing style

The Presentation Duration: 20 minutes for each team For the presentation component of this assessment, your team will focus on the following: 1. Business analytics and Data Mining techniques specific to the chosen domains 2. Illustration of applications of the above business analytics and Data Mining techniques within the chosen domains 3. Explanation on how these specific business analytics and Data Mining techniques added business value and generated new business opportunities within the chosen domains 4. Any Challenges that associated with the application of the above business analytics and Data Mining techniques for the chosen domains