ITE170 Navigation Bar with Links Implementation & Contact Page Creation Project

I. Take your home page and do the following. If you used a pre-made template with navigation, you will need to modify it.

1. Implement a navigation bar with links to at least five pages: home page, three additional pages, and a feedback/contact page. Plan what you will call each of the pages as you create the navigation. Each page will have the same navigation element. (40 points)

2. Open your home page and then save it with the name of each of your four other pages (40 points). So afterward you will have files something like this:

  • home.html
  • muffins.html
  • cakes.html
  • cookies.html
  • feedback.html

3. Change the header on each of these pages so they are distinct. Don’t worry about the content yet (15 points).

II. Create a feedback/contact page for your project. Creating the backend for this is beyond the scope of this class, so we will submit via email.

  1. Create a form with at least three fields and a submit button. Use form field tags from what you learned. (60 points)
  2. Modify your form tag to submit the results to yourself via email. Add these attributes with your email (15 points): action=”” method=”post”