IT380 Business Value for Electronic Document Management Assignment

Identifying the Business Value for Electronic Document Management

The purpose of this assignment is to let you gather resources and develop further thoughts for your final project. In other words, as you finish Assignment 3, you will actually accomplish part of your final project. In your final project proposal, you have created a short profile for an organization of your own choice showing the type of business, the number of employees and the number of customers on whom you will be collecting data. In this assignment, you first need to briefly summarize (or recap) the above information, the type of documents and records that are currently kept on the customer and whether they are manual or electronic.

Create four or five paragraph statement on the topic assigned below, in your own words, showing the business benefits for your organization to develop an electronic document or records management system.


Compliance with standards, including privacy

Cite your sources of information (at least three). Make sure that the document has a meaningful file name and use the document properties to document your file characteristics. Upload your document to Canvas providing sufficient metadata to allow me to identify it accurately.

Formatting requirements:

  • Submission should be in a paper format with a clear thesis statement.
  • Citation: follow APA format (including the in-text citations)

I attached project proposal, and the instruction.