IST755 Syracuse University Strategic IT Resource Research Paper

Topic Paper (10 points maximum). Students will prepare an analytic paper on the subject of “What Defines a Strategic IT Resource?” The paper is due before the Week 5 live session and must be at least 10 double-spaced pages in length and must reflect research conducted by the student and an analysis that is in the student’s own words. All references to the work of others must be properly cited (the use of un-cited work from others is an academic violation). The paper is to be submitted in the Assignment area of the class website as an Adobe Acrobat™ pdf document using APA format and Times New Roman font, 12 pitch size, and a 1-inch space margin on all sides. Citation references should be listed as footnotes. Up to 10 grade points are possible for each paper toward the course final grade, depending on the quality of the writing, research, citations, structure, and student analysis. Beyond these quality items, late papers and papers that are shorter than 10 pages will receive a lower grade.