Issues In Intercultural Intimate Relationship & Communication Essay

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Dozens of individuals were interviewed around the world to describe their meaning of “love” in this short clip that can be found on YouTube:

After watching this clip and using key terms and concepts from TC Chapter 10, discuss why intercultural-intimate relationships can be both challenging and rewarding. Select two specific key differences and similarities from our text to frame your discussion. You may also use specific examples from your own experiences or the video above.

ThIs assignment must be two – three type-written written pages (double spaced, 1” margins, 12 pt. font) that address the listed topics. You will turn in the inquiry assignments to the appropriate assignment box. You must include a reference page which is not “counted” in the 2-3 page exploration of each inquiry. (REMEMBER, TO USE APA FORMAT FOR IN-TEXT CITATIONS AS WELL AS YOUR REFERENCE PAGE).