Internship Questions


The first question is this: Why would you like to be a Pathmaker Intern? What are three goals you hope to accomplish within our program and why? How do you plan to achieve these goals? (3,000 characters MAX, including spaces).

The Second Question is this: As a Pathmaker Intern, how will you uphold Palomar Health’s mission? Additionally, how will you embody Palomar Health’s vision? (1,250 characters MAX, including spaces.

I need you to visit this website to Include some of the hospital Information in answering the questions. Also, I need you to talk about the passion people purpose as they listed on they’re website.

Some background about me to help answering the questions. I’m from Country where I grow up in a war zone and get to see people dying in front of me while no body can help since that time I start thinking about helping other. I need you to make a good story that will make the reader interest in me please. I’m undergraduate student have done a lot of volunteer at different hospitals and Research as well. Please try to answer the question as perfect as you can. Thank you so much.