Internet of Things Article Discussion

Introduction: The following is only an introduction to the topic. It is short and “cute”. You do not need to respond to the video.

In 1962, the cartoon called Jetson’s first aired. Its futuristic technology was so “far-fetched” at that time (yes, I used to watch it). However, things are changing. Some of those things are here and now. All part of technology transformation from the past, present, to future. It is part of IoT. To learn a little about the Jetson’s and the technology, view the video below.

The Jetson’s

Topic: IoT Internet of Things

Find an article describing the Internet of Things based on a certain emergence of technology. Make sure you include:

  1. Briefly summarize your article
  2. How did iIoT provide a foundation about your topic/tool/device?
  3. Talk about at least one existing IoT device similar to yours?
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  5. What are the potential hazards (like Uber faced with its driverless car)?
  6. Where do you see this advancing further in the future
  7. Use appropriate, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and APA references and in-text citations