Internet Finger Protocol (you must have netbeans)


You can learn a lot about the design of client-server protocols by reviewing the implementation of one. And you can develop an even greater understanding by extending or updating that implementation.

For this Assignment, you will modify an existing client-server protocol to implement the Internet’s finger protocol.

To prepare:

  • Download the existing program contained in This file unzips into a NetBeans project that includes the source code for two Java programs, a client program, and a server program. The two programs implement the Internet’s echo protocol.
  • Start up NetBeans. Open the Week6_Echo project you just downloaded and unzipped.

Modify the client and the server so that they implement the Internet’s finger protocol. The response from the server does not need to reflect actual user data, but you must base the response on the name provided in the client’s request.


Please do not put your name anywhere on the assignment. Make sure to use //comments about any changes you make to the files, the teacher wants to see commenting. Attached is the Week6 zip folder. Please make sure you take the time to do a good job, this assignment is work a lot of points. Thank you in advance!